| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Does the “Moghrabiye” have the same symbolism in your cities as well?

White grains made of semolina called “Moghrabiye”, in addition chickpeas grains and few onions with special spices, which are a symbol of Ramadan table, especially in Tripoli.

One of the “ Moghrabiye” sellers told “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Ghassan Farran, “It is  a traditional dish, a daily dish for Ramadan.

Despite its great presence  in Ramadan and its spread on vehicles in the streets due to the large number of demanders, but no one knows the reason for its connection to the Ramadan table and the seller said, “In Ramadan, the demand on “ Moghrabiye” is  five times more than the rest of the year.”

Although the connection reason to this month is not known , those who are fasting in this city insist on buying it and on its Ramadan symbolism. Does the “ Moghrabiye “ carry the same symbolism in your cities as well?