| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Domestic gas shortage soon

The group of oil importing companies announced “the stock of domestic gas available in the tanks of companies has decreased to very low and dangerous levels. Since this stock will drop to less than 1,000 metric tons, the importing companies regretfully announce that when they run out of their remaining quantities, they will not be able to supply the market with domestic gas starting next Wednesday, if the relevant authorities do not take the appropriate measures.

The companies stated that they were “waiting for the arrival of a ship that had obtained prior approval, carrying about 1,700 tons, which would suffice the market’s needs for 48 hours.”

In addition, the head of the Syndicate of Owners and Investors of Domestic Gas Filling Plants in Lebanon, Antoine Yammine, announced that the Banque du Liban had given approval to enter a 5,000-ton liquid gas vessel next Monday. Pointing out that this matter will contribute to comforting the market, and reassuring the Lebanese that this vital material will remain available in the coming days.”

The drug crisis continue

Unsupported medicines are missing and medicines for chronic and incurable diseases will soon be on the market

Distribution of diesel fuel to bakeries and mills in Tripoli at night

Yesterday night, a patrol of Tripoli municipal police and army intelligence accompanied the tankers that distributed quantities of diesel to the bakeries and mills in the city. This is based on the schedule received by the mayor from the Ministry of Economy, after efforts made by the latter with the advisor to the caretaker prime minister, according to which 50,000 liters of diesel were allocated to Tripoli and the north.

  • Sawt Beirut International