| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Double action… Families of detainees and victims

This child has grown up without a father, even though he is alive. His father was engaged in welding amber gate where ammonium nitrate. Three days of work in the port cost his father nearly three years in prison.

While the tears of the victims’ families are falling, most of the heads of the ruling parties are crying about the politicization of the port issue by the judicial investigator, Tariq Bitar.
The inability of the original investigator, Tariq Al-Bitar, to carry out his duties, as they claimed, required the appointment of an alternate judge to study the files of detainees who were not convicted to decide whether to release them. A procedure that comforts the families of the detainees, as they say.

Both parties are victims of obstruction of the judiciary from the ruling authority. The lawyer for the families of the victims warns the families of the detainees of a new obstacle to the path of the release of their relatives.
The scene of the symbolic stand and the demand for justice is not between the people and the military, but between the both families this time.

Each party raises its case against the other, while the main issue is one for the two parties, an issue that the ruling system has made into two issues on the basis of divide and rule.

The lawsuit filed by two deputies accused of the port explosion against the judge to stop the investigation reflected another scene of the quarrel between the families of the detainees and the families of the victims, and only the political authority is comfortable with this scene.
A spectacle that contributes to obstructing justice, which could turn heads if it is achieved.


  • Sawt Beirut International