| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Dr. Nader Saab exposes them by names

He who was known as the maker of beauty, today suffers with the worst kind of corruption. Corruption is rampant in all of Lebanon and our station with it today is in Al-Rabiah, a hidden pole between the municipality, the contractors and the Ministry of Works, a land in which a different structure rises, and over your eyes, Ministry of Works, the Union of Municipalities of Matn has moved, but it seems that the municipality of Al-Rabiah has its own republic far from the district of Matn.

Dr. Nader Saab tells us the details of the case.
The answer to everything that is happening is with the mayor, we called him to make sure more about what is going on.
Construction is progressing in full swing, and no one is afraid of a decision or works an account for any official body, as the country is in chaos.

Yes, in Al-Rabiah a building rises against the nose of the state, or what is left of the state!


  • Sawt Beirut International