| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

‘Drive Thru’ kiosks in Lebanon sell coffee, alcohol, gasoline, and many other stuff

A trending habit has been evolving tremendously in Lebanon, which is the ‘Drive Thru’ kiosks that sell water, cigarettes, coffee, foodstuff, and many other things for the convenience of highway users.

What are the weirdest requests from passersby, and who are the people behind these Drive Thru kiosks? Camera Sawt Beirut International roamed the roads and highways to purchase from these kiosks located on the outskirts.

These drive thru kiosks are causing traffic jam more than the car queues standing in front of gasoline stations. The ‘drive thru’ queues along with the gas station’s queues are forming together a Lebanese chain of national unity, and coexistence on the highway.

Whatever the passersby need is available from coffee, to alcohol, and cigarettes. Consumers can save the effort of getting out of the car and can also save their energy for waiting in gasoline queues.

New interaction lines have been found in Lebanon between the gasoline line and the “drive thru” line. Where are Lebanon’s ministries of economy and interior in regulating this sector, because our highways, like our mindset, are no longer tolerated.

  • Sawt Beirut International