| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Drugged people… Where’s the revolution?

Fuel, foodstuffs, medicines, hospitalization and other basic commodities and materials for the citizen… Its erratic prices have become hostage to the fluctuation of the dollar’s ​​exchange rate on the black market… And with the difficulty of continuing in a homeland and people left to their fate without any presence of the state and without touching any actual step by the authority to save Lebanon From the quagmire of poverty and collapse… jumps to the forefront of the essential question that accompanies every talk about crises… Where is the revolution of the Lebanese people against what they are suffering? Why are the people drugged?
Today, the Lebanese street is witnessing shy and sporadic movements in separate areas, but it does not rise to the extent of popular anger yet… Is it a prelude to the day of anger and the general strike called by the General Labor Union and the Lebanese transport sector unions on Thursday?

Perhaps it is the policy of “the starvation of your people is governed by it” that those concerned are brazenly pursuing today, or perhaps it is the despair that has affected the Lebanese, who seem to have lost hope in their ability to subdue this ruling system… But what is certain is that the time has come for a new and serious revolution capable of relentlessly steadfastness, or He retreated before reaching the homeland that every Lebanese wants, who dreams of a stable and secure life with a minimum standard of decent living.

  • Sawt Beirut International