| 29 November 2022, Tuesday |

Eclectic Security

It is strange how Hezbollah abandons its tight control over its state at a time when circumstances compelled it to do so. The regions and neighborhoods that are rebellious against the state are suddenly legalized before the legitimate military and security forces, as soon as matters reach the point where the public cost will be too high for Hezbollah to bear.

The party’s pursuit of drug dealer Ali Munther Zuaiter, known as “Abu Sala,” means confrontation with his family, his quarter, and drug dealers, which will make him pay a heavy price out of his popular credit. At this point and for these reasons only, and within this narrow margin, the party today allowed the official agencies to use the land and space of the statelet.

Here, the obvious question must be asked: If the legitimate Lebanese security and military services are able to enter Hezbollah’s areas and bring wanted hashish dealers, why are they incapable of bringing people wanted from Lebanese and international justice in port cases, political assassinations, and others?

The game has become exposed, and things are no longer fooling the Lebanese who refuse eclectic security. And the legitimate Lebanese authorities are required to maintain security on their own and on all Lebanese lands in a sustainable manner, otherwise… Peace be upon Lebanon.


  • Sawt Beirut International