| 5 December 2021, Sunday |

Economic recovery plan or government resilience?

The Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund, representing the group of Arab countries, including Lebanon, Mahmoud Mohieldin, is scheduled to arrive in Beirut this week, “within the efforts of cooperation between Lebanon and the Fund regarding the state’s plan for economic recovery.”
The visit aims to discuss the priorities of senior Lebanese officials in the social, humanitarian, economic and financial fields within the recovery plan.

In an interview with the Middle East News Agency, Mohieldin confirmed that “the existence of a government with full powers is a prerequisite for starting negotiations between Lebanon and the IMF,” stressing that “reaching an agreement between the Lebanese state and the IMF means Lebanon obtaining other financing from international bodies and institutions, and restores confidence in the Lebanese economy and its ability to move, and opens the way for investment, trade on a regular basis, and employment for defaulters.”

This week, the economic authorities will meet with the Deputy Prime Minister, Al-Shami, who is responsible for negotiating with the International Monetary Fund on the economic recovery plan, where the authorities will present their economic paper consisting of nine axes.
To shed light on this issue, we are joined by phone by the Secretary-General of Economic Authorities, Nicolas Al-Shamas.