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Egyptian Actress Gala Fahmi passes away, eniGma brings stars together in Dubai

Egyptian actress Gala Fahmy has passed away at the age of 59, on Saturday evening. The news was announced by her brother, director of photography, Mustafa Fahmy, through his account on “Facebook”, and wrote: “I moved to God’s mercy, my sister, Gala Fahmy.”

The news caused a great shock to everyone, after the death came suddenly, without news of her suffering from a health crisis.

Gala Fahmy belongs to an artistic family, his father is director Ashraf Fahmy, and she initially worked as a broadcaster before her artistic career began at an early age.

Gala graduated from the Faculty of Arts from the Department of English in 1986, and worked in radio and television in addition to her acting in television, cinema and theater.

Among her most famous works are “The First Time You Love My Heart”, “GalaGala”, “Kalam Al-Layl”, “Girls in Trouble”, and “Layali Al-Helmeya”.

Balqis Fathi in a new makeup and unusual hair look.

Balqis Fathi caught the eye with her latest look on Instagram, after she appeared by adopting a completely different look. She shared her followers on Instagram with a set of photos and a video clip, in which she appeared with an unusual aesthetic look, in order to promote her beauty line, which she launched under the brand name “@bexbeautyofficial”.

The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Hamaki, was able to prove that he is the star beloved by his fans in Kuwait, who was keen to attend his concert, which was held at the end of the concerts of the “First Kuwait Festival”.

A huge audience of more than 6,000 people spent a night of fantasy with the Egyptian star.

The Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh released a new song on his official YouTube channel, entitled “B’arif Maslahtak”, a new song from his new album, “Mnihkom Aal-nas”.

Attieh leads the 9th trend, after the song has garnered more than 280,000 views so far.

“Ba’araf Maslahtak” is written by Emile Fahd, composed by Wassim Boustany, and arranged by Tony Bou Khalil.

A ceremony honoring eniGma magazine was held at the Armani hotel in Dubai, where a group of stars and media professionals appeared in the huge ceremony that honored a number of stars and businessmen, most notably Tunisian actress Hend Sabry, Egyptian star Ahmed Helmy and a group of Arab businessmen, leading the trend of the star’s distinctive looks on social media this week.

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