| 7 February 2023, Tuesday |

Elections … Bassil’s “showoff” fades in front of “amal”

It seems that most of the political forces have realized that there is no escape from the parliamentary elections scheduled for May 15, knowing well  that all the “corridors” they are trying to pass through to obstruct it will be useless, especially since the international community is standing in the way of those who obstruct their achievement, threatening to impose sanctions.

And thus, it was necessary to rearrange the scattered cards, especially between the Aounist movement and the Amal movement, and this explains the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Representative Gebran Bassil’s initiative, to open up to his opponents, and to return from the mistake he committed against Representative Ali Hassan Khalil, so that he might be able to enter into an electoral truce with them.

On the other hand, the electoral alliance between the two parties is a fait accompli, based on the fact that Amal and Hezbollah are running the elections together in all constituencies, where the majority of them using joint lists, and therefore, the electoral alliance between the party and the Tayyar, leads the movement’s candidates to join the duo’s list, means the Tayyar and Amal will run together within one list, so that the votes of each of the three parties to this list that includes them together.

So, Bassil has no choice but to appeasement… His noticeable destabilization can no longer bear the “showoff”… especially with elections’ approach.

  • Sawt Beirut International