| 30 May 2024, Thursday |

Elections’ budget: a new evidence to postpone elections!

Neither the Electoral Security nor the Expatriate 16 District, nor even the Megacentre, have succeeded in postponing or canceling elections as political games played by the ruling system… As a result, the cost of the elections may be borne by the Lebanese state, and its lack of availability was one of the final arguments for postponing the elections due on May 15.

This is a topic that President Michel Aoun and some parties keep bringing up, declaring it and linking it to a postponement until the state can raise the funds to hold elections, despite the fact that holding elections is an important constitutional duty at the moment.

Will the state’s deception succeed in plunging Lebanon into open chaos, potentially leading to uncontrollable clashes?

The stick of international sanctions is looming, and there is a global trend to impose sanctions on those responsible for delaying obligation. Will those affected be afraid of the consequences? Or will their fear of the election results drive them to invent new excuses?

  • Sawt Beirut International