| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Electricity: contracts and agreements made by state, alternative solutions sought by citizens

They resorted to the sun to obtain energy that fills their livelihood. Their energy ran out, waiting for a solution from the authority. Here in Halat area in Jbeil District, many residents decided to resort to nature to light their homes.

Sami Daou is one of thousands who have completely lost faith in the state.
The Lebanese Ministry of Energy is living on its past glories. Those concerned were not shy about keeping promises that did not leave the picture frame. Projects remained fictitious, frozen in theory.
The photographers were upset that the minister and his guests did not abide by the appointments, they waited for more than an hour to cover the event of the signing of agreements to import electricity from Jordan and gas from Egypt through Syria. The minister said it was an achievement and that it would increase feeding by four hours, but he did not reveal the date.

A crisis of appointments and promises has plunged Lebanon into a tunnel of darkness and has not yet emerged from it. A tunnel in which only dim lights appear, threatening the darkness.


  • Sawt Beirut International