| 24 June 2024, Monday |

Electricity crisis threatens to close hotels But are there any positive signs?

Tourist institutions have suffered from the collapse and the consequences of the economic, financial and political crises, in addition to the spread of the Corona epidemic and the closure of many of them with the increase in pressure. But there is no doubt that the tourism sector during the summer of 2022 was promising and excellent for all tourism sectors, including restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, hotels and guest houses.
Unfortunately, once again, the tourism sector is paying the price of the crises which puts the remaining resilient institutions at risk of closing down to catch up with the ones that preceded them in the last two years, as a result of the electricity crisis.

And thus many institutions will be pushed to close in the fall and winter seasons, especially in areas outside Beirut, where Lebanon witnessed this phenomenon in the previous year.

In conclusion, the Lebanese must dream of the most basic of his rights, and hope for additional hours of electricity. If the promises are true, the beginning of next January will be the beginning of the solution to the electric fuel crisis on several levels.The first is related to fuel in Algeria, while the second is related to Iraqi fuel, while the third is directly related to the agreement between Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan on the electricity.

  • Sawt Beirut International