| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Electricity strategy..Other theories and bigger gap between citizen and state

A seminar to research the sustainable energy strategy for Lebanon, moderated by the Ministry of Environment in the presence of the Ministry of Energy. Theories launched by the Ministers of Environment and Energy Walid Fayyad and Nasser Yassin were admired, and the symposium turned into an accountability session for the Minister of Electricity.
The proposals made remain in the theoretical framework without specifying a practical schedule for their implementation, and promises that require more time to be fulfilled, than the patience of the Lebanese.
Citizens also have their own strategy in saving electricity. The solutions they have is to fight high prices by dispensing. The microwave, ironing machine, and the so-called “grill” were removed from the list of 90% of the Lebanese, while the air conditioner is still timidly offered for sale. All these tools consume energy, that is missing for the vast majority of the people.
The state has its strategy in making promises with an alternative energy, and the people have a strategy in search for and implementing solutions. It is the distance between the ruler and the ruled that increases between them, as any reform plan has not yet come close to being implemented.

  • Sawt Beirut International