| 4 March 2024, Monday |

Elias Al-Zoghbi: Bukhari’s departure to the Kingdom yesterday may indicate a possible meeting between him and Mikati

While the political forces and candidates for the parliamentary elections are preparing for this upcoming entitlement after 17 days from today, with all the complications surrounding it through the worst electoral law that Lebanon has known, clear violations emerge in the expatriate elections, and the failure to to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdullah Bouhabib’ failure in paying this file the adequate attention.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Najib Mikati left Lebanon for Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah without having any meeting with Saudi officials. Government sources expected that Mikati’s presence in the Kingdom would be an indication that he would make a second official visit in which he would meet with senior Saudi officials, to thank them for Saudi Arabia’s supportive stance for Lebanon through the Saudi-French Fund, and to discuss with them other assistance in the energy fields, and to reconsider the Kingdom’s decision on the issue re-receiving Lebanese industrial and agricultural exports, with a reaffirmation by the Prime Minister not to allow any party to exploit the Kingdom’s land and smuggle contraband into it. To shed light on this file, the writer and political analyst Elias Zoghbi joined us.

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