| 4 December 2023, Monday |

Explosion threatens Lebanon?!

“How has it not exploded yet?” .. A dollar is slowly approaching 50,000, an obscene price is racing against it, unemployment, poverty, hunger, and everything is cut off.. Milk and diapers for children “we beg for them.” The communication sites are crowded with milk, medicines, and the required diapers.. as if Lebanon is in between Satan’s hands waiting for the spark!

Today, Lebanon is facing the threat of a social explosion from which there is no escape, especially with the intractability of internal solutions.. which we are witnessing daily sparks through moving events and tensions between regions.. armed attacks and killings for the most trivial reasons!

The main solution today is produced politically in the first degree and economically in the second degree.. However, until now there are no tangible solutions other than threats, warnings, and a lot of accumulated crises.

As for the end, it seems that it is imminent.. and the horizon does not contain any solutions.. a big and dangerous explosion is inevitably coming!

  • Sawt Beirut International