| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Facebook monitors candidates’ ad campaigns and bans them as soon as they violate its procedures

The technical measures Facebook took on March 22 undermined the candidates’ abstention from legal oversight related to electoral spending. Putting before the Election Supervisory Board a document proving the amount of advertising spending for the first time in the history of the electoral process.
Ascertaining the amount of electoral spending via Facebook required a formal communication between the supervisory body and the company. However, the latter added technical tools that enable the investigation of financial electoral spending, or the dissemination of political propaganda. Similar to the characteristics it imposed in the US elections and others.
The website requires any person who intends to broadcast electoral advertisements to prove this by submitting documents proving his presence in Lebanon. Like an ID card, and a bank credit. And other information such as a fixed and mobile phone number.
Huge sums are paid for television and radio advertisements, and for billboards on the roads. But the impact of Facebook ads remains the most important for targeting a specific segment.