| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

First day of consultations: Mystery upon mystery

Today, the President-designate listened to the demands and ideas of the blocs and parliamentarians about the government, and is waiting for him to complete the non-binding consultations on Tuesday, especially with the Strong Lebanon Bloc, these meetings did not bring anything new, at least in the declared positions, in terms of the emphasis of each party on previous positions, which ranged from the importance of expediting the formation of an independent mini-government, as demanded by the change deputies, or an effective one, as insisted by the Development and Liberation bloc, which did not adopt the status of a political government or a government of national unity, as demanded by the current. Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah.

On the other hand, the Lebanese Forces reiterated their position not to participate in the government because the conditions it requires will not be applied in the last 3 months of the covenant, as MP George Adwan said. The Democratic Gathering also decided not to participate in the government, but with the willingness to help in the formation, which means being prepared to nominate Druze ministers In the form of independents, the response came quickly from the Hezbollah bloc, which in its insistence on the participation of all seemed to avoid bearing the responsibility alone in the next stage, so MP Raad accused all those who did not participate in identifying with the outside and among them of not placing a veto on their participation.

In any case, if these consultations are not binding, they can give Mikati a clear idea of ​​the priorities of the blocs and MPs between whether they want this government to achieve or do they want personal and electoral accounts. According to his circles, he wants a government capable of production, but also able to obtain confidence in Parliament. The assignment path will be quick, and Mikati will not accept that the consultations be extended indefinitely. He will soon bring to Baabda Palace a preliminary concept that includes some modifications in names and portfolios, taking into account the need for a formation capable of working on the one hand and enjoying the signature of the President of the Republic, but also the confidence of the international and Arab community It is also able to gain confidence in Parliament.

Mikati looks to the portfolios that are mainly related to the files of the next stage, the first of which is electricity and the second is the International Monetary Fund. Hence, the draft that he prepared mainly includes a change in the energy portfolio on the basis that the important person does not matter who can implement the electricity plan.


  • Sawt Beirut International