| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Food security in Lebanon… fell, and no one cares

With the intensification of the dire economic living crisis that Lebanon suffers, as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the exacerbation of its repercussions on the import process, the interruption of foodstuffs, and the price of fuel reaching record figures, and with the resumption of the dollar’s ​​rise after it was resting on the threshold of the directed “float,” to reach 23,000 pounds … the crisis multiplies piles to reach its final stages “The Fall and Collapse of Food Security in Lebanon”.

Today, with the rise of all commodities, especially oil, which began to affect the cost of production, as traders are rushing to import additional quantities, considering that prices will rise further, the dollar pressured the Lebanese pound, which was clear in the rise of the exchange rate, so how will the path be in the future, and what about the decision of Banque du Liban, Will it continue to support the lira? Or will it alleviate this pressure because its dollars are limited?

All of this, and the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati did not show any concern about these developments and their economic and societal repercussions, so there is no need to panic as long as “seats” and positions are fine.

  • Sawt Beirut International