| 5 October 2022, Wednesday |

For these sectarian reasons, officials fear the votes of young between 18-21 years

By the age of 18, you become an adult who take your own decisions, carry out your official transactions that are affected by bureaucratic procedures and bribery, you sell and buy, and get a driver’s license, but you cannot vote in a country that weeps from the oppression of white-haired and wrinkled people, who are clinging to their old chairs.

Why is it forbidden for this age group between 18-21 years to vote? Is it because they are afraid of consciousness, or of the collective sectarian unconscious?

What would happen if this category was allowed to vote? Does the equation change?

Yes, the elderly in power are afraid of the adrenaline of young people, they are afraid of demographic change, and the new equations, they are afraid of change, and from young and not on them.

We thought that they are without feelings, and here they are shivering from their fear of us.

  • Sawt Beirut International