| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

Foreign workers face unemployment

Everything that surrounds her in her little shop takes its visitor back to her native land,
Jerusalem had to wear estrangement more than a decade ago,
She did not know that the collapse of her exile would suspend the decision to return to her country or travel to another country.

Many Ethiopians returned to their countries and others stayed in Lebanon to work away from the eye of official transactions.
Signs of adherence to the customs of the homeland will ensure that Ethiopians remain alert to the need to return to the country.
They are waiting for white smoke to announce any breakthroughs, whether in their country or in Lebanon.

The number of Arab and African male and female workers has decreased by the thousands since the beginning of Lebanon’s entry into the darkness of its economic and social destiny. A retreat that will allow even a little more room for some Lebanese who are covered by unemployment to work if the economic wheel improves.

In these inner neighborhoods of Beirut, African and Arab workers held out in small enterprises that ensured their sustenance, the same sustenance that would be very difficult to obtain if they returned home.

  • Sawt Beirut International