| 28 February 2024, Wednesday |

Formal education stranded… What is the percentage of professors over forty years old?

The Lebanese public education, like all other files, is stranded. The educational curricula have been in a “status quo” since 1997. The strikes continue for many months. As for the educational cadre, the majority are over the age of forty, according to the latest International Information figures, with a rate of 83.5%.
The number of official professors in the staff is 18,465, out of a total of 39,516. They are distributed according to the following age groups:
-3,052 professors between 31-40 years old
-5,100 professors between 41-50 years old
-7,120 official teachers between 51 and 60 years old.
-3,193 professors aged 61 and over.
According to the same study, it turns out that some of the official teachers are close to retiring age… Will the state be able to hire new professors, in light of the deteriorating financial conditions on the one hand, and the contractors’ cries that are constantly rising demanding fixed jobs.
What was mentioned above, made Lebanon 92nd in the world, and ninth among Arabs in the Global Knowledge Index for the year 2021, with a score of 44.8%, according to what was issued by the United Nations Development Program in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation.
Switzerland ranked first in the world with 71.5%, followed by Sweden and the United States of America with 70%, and Finland with 69.5%
In the Arab world, the United Arab Emirates ranked first with a score of 67.3%, followed by Qatar with 58.7%, and Saudi Arabia with a score of 57.6% in terms of the global knowledge index…
So, will anyone save what is left of the official educational sector in Lebanon?

  • Sawt Beirut International