| 27 November 2022, Sunday |

FPM files an appeal against electoral law: Are the elections in the danger zone?

Three aspects of the election law modifications that President Michel Aoun does not agree with, prompting his political team in Parliament to file an appeal:

1- Election date
2- Megacenters
3- The right to represent the expatriate with 6 deputies

The Strong Lebanon Bloc deputies filed an appeal against the modifications to the statute before the Constitutional Council on November 20th. Because the time expires 15 days after the publication of the election law in the Official Gazette on November 5.

After the appeal has been properly registered, the Constitutional Council has 30 days to make a decision.
A decision is made by a majority of at least seven members out of ten.
The Council meeting requires a quorum of eight members out of ten.
In terms of the work system, President Tannous Mehleb selects an investigator to investigate the appeal within 10 days.
The president then distributes the decision to the members, who have 15 days to issue the decision.
Is the appeal, however, intended to stall or postpone the elections?

Are elections endangered if the appeal is granted?

Will the Constitutional Council convene and issue its verdict if the decision is in the hands of the parliamentary blocs and the “Strong Lebanon” bloc after the appeal is submitted?
Alternatively, if a quorum is not achieved by a clear political decision, the decision will be made without debate.

  • Sawt Beirut International