| 28 November 2022, Monday |

FPM masters the art of lying, making deals

Shame on you! It is the sole statement that applies to everyone who voted for Nabih Berri to be re-elected as a Speaker of Parliament. If the Shiite duo’s choice of Berri is ordinary, the election of Nabih Berri and Elias Bou Saab by the Free Patriotic Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party, certain independents, and revolutionaries is not. The Progressive Socialist keeps talking about sovereignty values and the necessity to combat the statelet in order to attain the state, while he voted for Berri.

In this circumstances, how can he support Berri’s election, which is a key pillar of Shiite dualism that defames the state and breaches its foundations at all levels?

Given all of this, how could the Free Patriotic Movement reach an agreement with the Amal movement? Didn’t Gebran say before the polls that the deal with Berri was only an electoral pact and that the two sides would meet at the first stop after the elections? Is Bassil, to this level, underestimating the intellect of the Lebanese people, believing that he can mock them to the point of presenting himself and his party as anti-system? It’s the biggest deception.

The system has shown itself once more, assuring everyone that the Free Patriotic Movement, the Amal Movement, Hezbollah, and the Progressive Socialist Party are four faces of the same coin, with the title of this coin being clear: corruption.

Congratulations to the corrupt system for successfully defending itself, and to the Lebanese for realizing that the road to emancipation from it is long and difficult.

  • Sawt Beirut International