| 28 September 2022, Wednesday |

FPM’s passageways drive the parliamentary elections into the unknown

The Parliament has approved on Wednesday, the basic amendments to the electoral law, mainly bringing the parliamentary elections closer to next March 27, in addition to allowing expatriates to vote for 128 deputies rather than six .

But this does not mean that this date (March 27) has become final, as the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, objected changing the date, saying that this period may coincide with bad weather, and additionally Christians will be fasting during this period. Bassil stressed that he would challenge the election date before the Constitutional Council.

Regarding the expatriate’s voting, Bassil received another blow. He was previously praising an achievement he had made for expatriates by allocating 6 deputies for them, while a large segment of expatriates does not support this option and prefer to vote for the 128 deputies, similar to residents.

Information indicated that President Michel Aoun’s tendency is not to sign the law that was approved and which sets March 27 a date for holding the elections, which means returning it to the Parliament in order to re-vote on it, which may cause great confusion regarding the electoral deadlines.

At a time when the deputies’ opinions differ on the elections date, the women’s quota, and the expatriates voting according to their personal interests, the Lebanese street sparks to demand one goal which is secure the livelihood that they are deprived from it.

  • Sawt Beirut International