| 4 December 2022, Sunday |

Fragmentation of majority into minority

“The summary of my parliamentary experience in the first session: In the absence of any competitor to President Nabih Berri, we lost the battle of the vice president, as sovereigns, because of the fragmentation and the lack of coordination, so our supposed majority turned into a minority. Lesson One: We win united or we lose fragmented.”

With these words, Representative Raji Al-Saad summarized the scene of the election of the speaker, his deputy, and the bureau body, through his account on Twitter.

The sovereign and change majority, its voices were scattered, its compass and its unified project lost, in favor of the forces of March 8th.

Hezbollah succeeded in tuning the rhythm of the electoral session, achieving half plus one for the position of the president and his deputy. As well as the acquisition of the majority of the members of the office.

Will this fragmentation affect the path of binding parliamentary consultations to nominate a new prime minister, and the government formation?

Observers of the government file point out that parliamentary balances will hinder the rapid formation of the new government.

Therefore, Parliament, and especially the transformative forces, will face another no less important test in the coming weeks…


  • Sawt Beirut International