| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Free infant formula in Lebanon

Infant formula has become affordable for the financially affluent only. Lifting the subsidy on infant formula… All are headlines that topped all the local and international media. Yes, in Lebanon, the price of a box of infant formula has reached 100,000 pounds, which means that even the average citizen can no longer buy it.

However, charitable initiatives always exist, and once again, through the Nuh Foundation, headed by Mrs. Hasna Al Hariri and under the patronage of Sheikh Baha Rafik Hariri, where families can obtain free infant formula for those aged under one year of age, and in nine Lebanese cities.

As for the way to obtain free infant formula, it is by doing the following steps: First, visit the website

Second: Download the Lebanese identity card and the Lebanese family card

Third, write an active email address.

And when you obtain a QR code, you will have obtained infant formula and without having to be humiliated at the doors of the parties whose corruption put children within the circle of danger.

The Nuh Foundation extended a helping hand to Lebanese families at a time when the authorities abandoned even children.

  • Sawt Beirut International