| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

Free medical eye glasses for everyone in need

Poor eyesight is a problem with an easy solution, but poor insight is a calamity with a non-existent solution. However, it turned out that in Lebanon, despite the cataract and blindness in the officials’ eyes, reliance remains on the strength of the Lebanese insight. Wael Kassab, an optometrist, is now a specialist in farsightedness in social work. “See Campaign” from Sidon, makes you see the visible love.
The donation is easy, in this particular fund, but as a person has two eyes, the campaign needs two contributions, one from Wael and the second from all noble people.
“Your have the right to see just like me” is the campaign slogan, a slogan that is seen in the eyes, understood by the mind, and loved by the heart.
“See Campaign” helps those who need glasses to strengthen their eyesight and strengthen the insight of the Lebanese people

  • Sawt Beirut International