| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

French endeavor mainly targets rebuilding Port of Beirut

France is keen on pursuing its plan to the end. At this point, many questions arise. Why hasn’t this country lost faith in this country or in its leaders? Is it for political or financial reasons? The economist Bassel Al-Khatib responds to these questions during an interview with Sawt Beirut International’s reporter, Mahasen Morsel.

“Until now, France has not given up on the Lebanese affair, despite the fact that its earlier measures failed, but today, in concert with Europe, it has resorted to implementing sanctions on Lebanese officials that it has not named so far,” Al-Khatib remarked. “Despite the French President’s numerous travels to Lebanon, we do not see real actions on the ground, because the Lebanese officials in charge are keen on maintaining the status quo. France has asked them to form a government of specialists, whose decisions are not influenced by politicians, and whose first priority is to ensure the people’s livelihood and aspirations, as well as to demonstrate improvements. Unfortunately, the aforementioned has not yet been accomplished.”

Al-Khatib indicated that the French initiative was taken for several reasons during the month of July:

“One of the main reasons is that France is resolved to encourage the Lebanese and urge them to establish a government of specialists, so that this government will please the international community and the people and carry out reforms. Another reason why France is interfering in the Lebanese issue is that it seeks rebuuilding the Beirut Port. Moreover, France continues to promote civil society,. During Macron’s most recent visit, he spoke with civil society organizations, encouraging them to band together in order to gain seats in Parliament and thereby effect change.”

With the reprimanding of Hassan Diab, forensic audits, reforming the banking sector and Electricité du Liban, fundamental improvements in general, and the renovation of Beirut’s Port be a French demand that is reiterated on a regular basis, or will things remain as they are?

  • Sawt Beirut International