| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

French-Saudi Fund was launched in Lebanese official absence, Al-Bukhari to his visitors: We will not allow Lebanon fall

The announcement of the implementation of humanitarian and relief projects in Lebanon with a Saudi-French partnership violated the bleak scene, and represented a glimmer of hope, especially as the atmosphere confirms that the amount of funds allocated will not stop at the threshold of 72 million euros, but may rise successively.

There are several messages in the event, the most important of which is the requirement that aid not pass through state institutions, which means that there is no Arab, European or international confidence in the ruling class, which was revealed in the absence of any official from the current authority about the signing ceremony, and when the Saudi ambassador was asked in a private session about this absence, replied diplomatically, “officials have a lot of preoccupations now.”

On the other hand, representatives of the economic, industrial and commercial sectors and some associations dominated the attendance, and only political figures Fouad Siniora, Fouad Makhzoumi and Michel Moawad were present. Even President Najib Mikati, who is currently in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, will not meet with any Saudi official, despite French attempts made in this regard with officials in the Kingdom.

In his speech, the Saudi ambassador intended to say that the support represented by the financial fund is a continuation of the support obtained during the past decades, blocking the way for any talk that might link these funds allocated to the Lebanese people and the parliamentary elections.

The Saudi ambassador bears no relation of the political authority in his statement, so the French ambassador took charge of the message and urged the Lebanese authorities to take responsibility and make the necessary decisions in the best interests of the Lebanese people. Note that Al-Bukhari, during all his meetings and tours, confirms, according to many who met him, that the Kingdom will not leave Lebanon and will not allow its collapse.

All the atmosphere confirms that Arab and international communication with the political authority is suspended until after the parliamentary elections, and according to the authority that these elections will produce, it is based on what is required.


  • Sawt Beirut International