| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

From assignment to formation, a quick formation or apology.


From assignment to formation, President Mikati is moving at a quick pace that suggest a determination towards a quick line-up, or else, apology. He is seeking to form the government before the fourth of August, and whoever met him, indicated that he will not accept procrastination under the pretext of a portfolio or a share. He already has a perception of the government; he has discussed with the president during their first meeting. But he did not present a structure for the ministries’ distributions, and he promised the president to return soon to the palace with a perception of sovereign ministries. As Baabda sources described the meeting as good, and piling up on positivity, Mikati reflected this with optimism as he said: “We talked about some details and ideas were almost identical, promising of intensive meetings with the president in the upcoming days, hoping for a quick government formation.

And because details are haunted with devils, we must wait for the other meetings to know for sure. Before Mikati reached the palace, the atmosphere was optimistic. The prevailing atmosphere waiting for the first draft that he brought to the President of the Republic, spoke of optimism, noting  that the palace sources continued to speak and rely on this optimism, through a phrase, used by Mikati in his statement after the assignment, “My full partner is the president of the country,” the Baabda sources explain the partnership as follows: We are moving in this direction in every name to facilitate authorship, and  Baabda sources clarify that the issue is not a matter of standards, unity of standards and balance, which President Michel Aoun has repeatedly said, and so the head of The Free Patriotic Movement , which sates: “We will not go towards obstruction but resolving, if Mikati found his right path.”

In any case, if we rely on the declared abstinence of the parliamentary blocs, in rejecting any participation in the government, Mikati may succeed in forming soon, but some interpreted the Free Patriotic Movement’s announcement not to participate in the government as political maneuvering or for authoritarian goals, as described by the Vice President of the Lebanese Forces Party, but he still owns the signature as Deputy Speaker of Parliament Elie Ferzli suggested.  Sources say that Mikati is satisfied with the support he received from the Shiite duo and relies on them, especially on the apparent Hezbollah’s facilizing. As for Hezbollah who determined its stance, Mp Raad had a significant stance where he determined the specifications for ministers, especially In the Ministries of Economy, Finance and Education, he demanded ministers with competence and experience in the field of public social life, and not only in offices and between figures. This is of course in response to the form of government that Mikati seeks to form, which is a government of specialists, not politicians or partisans.