| 26 February 2024, Monday |

From right holders to thugs… the dollar changed people’s behavior

The task of studying the students’ financial files was added to the tasks of their dean at the Lebanese American University. The installments will be paid next fall in US dollars, not in its equivalent.

The exchange rate, which is equivalent to about four thousand Lebanese pounds, is gone forever, but the grant aid remains and is expanding.

Engraving in stone to preserve the flag in old age is a method expressed by the families of university students abroad. They are prohibited from transferring their deposits to their children because it is in hard currency.
Parliament enacted a law in the interest of the people, but left legislation protecting the fortresses of the central bank and banks.

The doors of solutions are closed in the face of these people. They are by law the owners of rights, but their demand for them will perhaps turn them into bandits.

Withholding funds from students is not due to the lack of a law that preserves their rights.

Rather, it is due to the withdrawal of a penal clause from the existing circular, Withdrawals make banks exempt from the penalty of non-implementation.

  • Sawt Beirut International