| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Gas stations are closed…no more fuel today

The Coral company announced that it had imported a gasoline steamer due to the great shortage in the market, but it has been parked in regional waters since 8/8/2021. It said that the Lebanese state did not do what was required of it to secure the requirements for unloading in order to enter the imported quantities into the Lebanese market.

“Accordingly, Coral Company apologizes to the Lebanese people and its customers for not being able, for the first time since its founding, to supply the stations with gasoline as of today, due to the running out of quantities in its warehouses. And when the remaining quantities in its stations run out, the latter will, in turn, stop meeting the needs of citizens.”

The fuel crisis is worsening

A complete paralysis will hit the country at the end of the week

Those concerned in the fuel sector confirmed that the stocks of importing companies and stations will be completely depleted at the end of this week, which will paralyze the country. And they called on the officials to agree on a pricing mechanism for 3900 pounds or something else in order to unload the fuel ships at sea, out of compassion for the Lebanese people.

Gas stations began to close one after the other, and gasoline began to disappear completely from the market. Although the price of the tank reached 500,000 pounds on the black market, it is also scarce and rare.

In this context, a member of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners, George Al-Barraks, said that “the time has come for the political and monetary authorities to reach an agreement. The people and the economic sector are between the jaws of the pincers, and the country is being destroyed.” He pointed out that “the warehouses of the oil-importing companies have started to run out of stock, and the stock in the gas stations is sufficient for the end of the week,” pointing to “the problems that occur at the stations,” and warning that “the issue is very serious, and those concerned should agree on the mechanism that must be followed in relation to the price of fuels.”

For his part, the representative of the fuel distributors, Fadi Abu Shakra, confirmed that as soon as the officials decide on any pricing, according to 3900 pounds or others, the ships at sea will immediately begin the unloading process. He pointed out that the fuel tanker was unloaded according to the price of 3900 pounds, but it is not enough in light of the thirst of the market, even if it was a relative solution, giving priority to providing hospitals and medical sectors, and emergency cases with this substance.

The US administration decided to help Lebanon to extract electricity

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, received a phone call from the US Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea, in which she informed him of the US administration’s decision to continue helping Lebanon to draw electrical energy from Jordan through Syria, by providing quantities of Egyptian gas to Jordan that would enable it to produce additional quantities of electricity to be put on the grid linking Jordan with Lebanon via Syria.

It will also facilitate the transfer of Egyptian gas through Jordan and Syria to northern Lebanon.

Ambassador Shea pointed out that the US side is making a great effort to accomplish these measures, and that negotiations are underway with the World Bank to secure financing for the price of Egyptian gas, repair and strengthening electricity transmission lines, and the required maintenance of gas pipelines.

Iraqi oil arrives in Lebanon on September 5

Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar announced that the ministry was informed by the Iraqi side that the delivery of the first quantity of oil will take place between September 3 and 5, which means that the arrival of this quantity, which is 84,000 tons of oil, will take place a few days after this date.

Ghajar explained that the hours of electricity supply, if we rely exclusively on what we receive from Iraq, will be between 4 and 6 hours per day, especially in the absence of new credits from the Bank of Lebanon.

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