| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Gasoline can rises 16 times in a year

On the impact of the fuel price schedule, the citizen wakes up almost daily. Before going to work, he takes a look at the price of a can of gasoline, which has become a major drain on his monthly income.

In this report, we will show you, in numbers, how much the price of gasoline has increased from June 2021 until today, that is, over a period of one year.
On June 17, 2021, the price of a can of gasoline was 43,500 liras
It rose to 73,300 LL in less than a month, that is, on July 14
The price continued to rise until September, when it reached 202,400 LL
The rise in prices was accompanied by the appearance of queues of cars in front of gas stations
On October 13, 2021, the plate price jumped to 305,600 LL
To conclude the gasoline canister in 2021 at a price of 335,800 lil
With the start of 2022, the price took a rapid upward trend, as it continued to fly until it recorded on May 10, 507,000 LBP.
On the seventh of June, approximately a month later, the price of the plate increased by 135,000 pounds
On June 15, the price of a can of gasoline reached 691,000 LL
As for the table of fuel prices today, the price of the plate reached 670,000 pounds
Thus, the price has increased 16 times since June 17 of last year.
Of course, all the information indicates that the price of a can of gasoline will continue to rise, exceeding the threshold of one million pounds.
As for the citizen, he has no power or power…except to watch the counter of the petrol filling machine rise and the counter of the money in his pocket evaporate.

  • Sawt Beirut International