| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Gasoline over 700,000, and transportation allowance unfair

The black dollar rise, and via “Sayrafa,” raised fuel prices, as the canister of gasoline exceeded 700,000 pounds. In the context of the high cost of living and fuel, the Economic and Social Council, in the presence of the Minister of Labor, reached to raise the minimum wage registered with Social Security for the private sector from 2 million pounds to 2.6 million, in addition to increasing the daily transportation allowance from 65 thousand pounds to 95 thousand pounds for the private sector.
In a simple calculation we performed, we recall that in 2019 the transportation allowance was equal to 5.5 dollars, while a gasoline canister was about 18 dollars. Today, the transportation allowance is less than 4.5 dollars, based on Sayrafa platform, while gasoline costs 28 dollars. This means that gasoline canister increased by 155% over the year 2019, while the transportation allowance should not be less than 8.5 dollars, or 212 thousand pounds on the exchange rate, in a continuation of chaos and randomness in making decisions concerning the victim citizen.

  • Sawt Beirut International