| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Gasoline plate to dollarization

All goods and services are affected by the price of the dollar, starting with the medical sector in hospitals, medical supplies, medicines and insurance, passing through food security, oil derivatives, the educational sector and other vital matters.
Almost all sectors are asking for pricing cmpletly in dollar, the fresh cash, or “exchanging” it to the national currency according to the exchange rate on the black market due to the dramatic change in the price of the green currency up or down without any deterrent.
Today, it is no longer a secret to anyone that the gasoline plate will be dollarized where Banque du Liban will stop the 20 percent subsidy.
Many questions asked by the citizen, how much will the price of the gasoline plate become if the subsidy is lifted completely? Will there be an interruption of the fuel oil and gasoline?
The question remains, will dollarization constitute a solution to the current crisis? Will the scenario of what happened in Venezuela, where dollarization was adopted, be repeated in Lebanon, and would it be the solution to ending the monetary crisis in Lebanon?

  • Sawt Beirut International