| 24 May 2024, Friday |

Geagea describes to SBI the joint conference with Saudi ambassador

The Head of the Lebanese Forces Party Samir Geagea said in an interview with Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter Rabih Shantaf during a joint conference with the Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon that the country is struggling since the Saudi’s export ban two months ago, and that they have been putting efforts to find a solution for this catastrophe.

Geagea said during the conference: “We meet today in order to unite for goodness, and to look forward for every opportunity that restores relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and solidifies the option of peace and restores the relations between our countries to their previous prosperity, strength, and impermeability.”

Geagea added: “We meet today, and Lebanon in a situation that cannot be described. We are suffering because of the fabricated bets of some, in which there are goals that harm the country’s image and its relations with its brothers, mainly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

He added: “We meet today in a gloomy situation, after some have been trying to drag Lebanon out of its Arab orbit over the past years.”

Geagea added: “It is no secret to the Saudi leadership that Lebanon has been afflicted in the past 15 years by groups from within it that work according to calculations that completely contradict Lebanon’s interest and do not value the national interest, good relations and mutual respect.”

The kingdom took a step back and noticeable distance, but not to turn its back on the Lebanese, as some believe, but rather to activate the momentum, expand the vision, and prepare to support Lebanon again, as it has done repeatedly, taking into account the rapid developments and their objective causes.

Geagea added: “The majority are working to carry out the required reforms for Lebanon’s revival and economic growth, financial balance, social safety, and they are looking forward with great hope towards a prosperous future.”

He added: “There has never been any real crisis, disagreement or problem between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and if at the present time the voice of wickedness rises above the voice of love and truth, and the logic of falsehood seems to precede the word of truth, then this equation does not represent the truth of Lebanon.”

“We are confident that Saudi Arabia’s leadership will spare no effort to help Lebanon and the Lebanese, despite the reprehensible attacks it has been subjected to in Lebanon, the intrusion, malicious accusations, and attempts to harm it by misguided Lebanese groups,” Geagea said.

As Patriarch Al-Rahi said few days ago, “Saudi Arabia has not assaulted Lebanon’s sovereignty, and didn’t violate either its independence or its borders. It didn’t involve Lebanon in wars, and didn’t disrupt its democracy.”

He concluded: “The real Lebanon is sovereign, free, independent, diversified, open, free from corruption and corrupt people.”

  • Sawt Beirut International