| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Gebran Bassil sells October 13 martyrs’ dignity for the sake of ‘Sayyed Hassan’

A day before the anniversary of October 17 revolution and two days after October 13 commemoration, the speech of the Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gibran Bassil, came to pour “oil onto fire”. The latter accused the revolution of treachery, a day before commemorating its second anniversary, and the Lebanese Forces party, after Tayouneh events on October 14, whose flames of sedition did not cool off.

What does Bassil exactly want from these two messages that he sent from the podium of the October 13 commemoration? Bassil gave his audience a choice between the dates of February 6 and October 14, saying: “Do you want sedition or agreement,” stressing that his alliance with Hezbollah is steadfast, but he, as usual, revived the Christian nerve when he said that “Christians were hurt more than others”.

Bassil also supported the investigation into Beirut Port blast on August 4 and at the same time asserted that Tarek Bitar is not politicized.

What is the meaning of October 17 preceded us? Is this what disturbs Gebran Bassil or the betrayal of the revolution to him? And where does he want to go?

Bassil did not mention the story of the army shooting a protester and focused in his speech on the story of the Lebanese forces ambush before the issuance of the investigations and the judiciary’s opinion.

Even those who fiercely defend the army abandoned it for the sake of “Hassan Nasrallah”?