| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Generator bills reach imaginary numbers

Earlier this month, a number of citizens had to cancel the generator subscription due to the high bill incurred by them.
The average 5-amp bill currently ranges between 1.5 and 3 million Lebanese pounds, or about $100, while the average cost of a 10-amp bill has reached seven million Lebanese pounds, or nearly $200.

In practice, the generator subscription bill exceeds the minimum wage by 4 times, which has burdened many citizens. Despite this, some generator owners in several regions issued the price in dollars, where the price of a kilowatt ranged between 65 and 75 cents.

Active sources in the generators sector expected that the new kilowatt pricing would witness a significant jump compared to last May, noting that the new kilowatt price may start from 13,500 Lebanese pounds as a minimum and may exceed 16 thousand pounds due to the high prices of diesel, and the sources also confirmed that there were bills that put the price of a kilowatt at 18,000 pounds last month, and its price could reach 20 thousand for 5 amperes and 28,000 pounds for 10 amperes.

Faced with this reality, the Ministry of Energy and Water called on generator owners to abide by the Ministry of Economy and Trade’s decision to install meters.
The ministry will conduct a documented study in this regard in the coming period in order to update the approved equation to suit more and more fluctuations in exchange rates and the economic and social situation of citizens, taking into account the requirements of owners of private generators.


  • Sawt Beirut International