| 11 December 2023, Monday |

Germany VS Brazil… Psychological obsession?

Every four years hands are prepared for applauding, throats for cheering, cafés to receive fans and prices to rise. Team flags rise from balconies and cars, people forget the concerns of the exchange rate, inflation and the fuel crisis and focus on the goal, spreading enthusiasm in defense and attack, and infiltration into the heart of the event remains the most important. We raise the yellow and red cards in the face of today’s crises and live the euphoria of the World Cup. A scenario that is repeated every four years, this time in Arabic. We have the World Cup, flags and special clothing, cafes and online gambling, and the sustenance of fools is on the madmen, so why does enthusiasm reach the stage of obsession?

Encouragement is a way of relieving congestion, in the face of all the worries that afflict the soul. Therefore, people resort to sports as an exercise or as encouragement
The World Cup this year has a very special feature, especially since it came at a time of bankruptcy, against the drums of world wars, the great collapse and changing the face of the universe. Will we raise a black flag after the end of the World Cup flags?

  • Sawt Beirut International