| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Get ready, price of 5 amperes will hit 1 million LBP

After the price of diesel soared into 60,000 LBP, the generator subscription bill is likely to double, exceeding 1 million LBP per month for 5 amperes. Bills have hit 500,000 LBP last month when the price of one tank of diesel reached 30,000 LBP.

The Head of the Association of Power Generator Owners, Abdo Saadeh confirmed to Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter Ghida Jbeili, that “the 5-amp bill will hit 1 million LBP if this issue was not addressed.” He added, “We’ve been warning for months, that if the price of diesel rises to 30,000 LBP, the cost of 5-ampere will increase to 500,000 LBP. Today the price of each diesel tank has reached 60,000 LBP thousand, so it is normal for prices to double.”

Saadeh said: “We are warning people and explaining for them where the officials are taking us. People should also know that prices are set by the Ministry of Energy and that our profits are limited.”

Power outages have pushed all generator owners in various regions and in the capital, to ration power for several hours. Maintenance cost have become very expensive due to the high prices of spare parts, which are purchased in fresh dollars. Saadeh said: “We are rationing in order to keep the bills affordable for Lebanese.”

In addition to all these hurdles, there is still shortage in diesel. Saadeh called on the state to secure electricity between 10 to 12 hours per day, as this will help reduce the bills by half, or to support diesel, filters, oil, and spare parts. “We are calling but no avail, because we are dealing with idiots and more than that with criminals, thugs, unjust, and unscrupulous officials. They are committing a massacre against the Lebanese people.”

Under the mercy of thieves, Lebanese live in the midst of a hot and scorching summer. When will this nightmare end?

  • Sawt Beirut International