| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Ghost village in Lebanon… Enter it in fear

Days and nights bear witness to this country, which for years has known blessings and curses with varying proportions.

While many of our ancestors withstood in the face of invasions, deliberate famines, the travel of Berlik and forced slavery, the gallows of the free, the brutality of the beys and the brutal sheikh of feudalism.

Some of them were unable to withstand, and established a new love that runs in the red and white Lebanese cells, which is the addiction to travel and escape.

Jarrin, a stone without humans, hoping that it will be one of the lessons… Enter it in fear.

They left their homes and took the keys with them. They closed the doors without realizing that forgetfulness does not knock or pull off the door, it enters through the holes of fearful souls.

Only the goats come here, insisting on bringing life, to a land where life has become an act of contrition, a sin, that needs forgiveness in another homeland.
No one was left in Jarrin.

  • Sawt Beirut International