| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

God blessed the Kaak seller in Tripoli after ‘Dr. Food’ described him with stinginess!

When “Dr. Food” described the Kaak seller in Tripoli Haitham Danawy a miser on his social media channels, God has blessed the latter as he became a destination for everyone who visits Tripoli following a campaign that fiercely defended him following Dr. Food’s comments.

Uncle Haitham does not leave Al-Nour Square from dawn until late at night, surrounded by coffee, tea and smoke vendors.

Many people are visiting his kiosk after he became famous recently to buy the traditional Kaakeh stuffed with cheese along with juice. His name has become on everyone’s lips after his story spread widely.

While waiting for the cheese kaakeh on the coals to finish, Haitham tells you about his family, thanking his god for the blessing of increasing the sale that will help him secure his family’s needs.

Haitham loves Tripoli candidly, and describes it as the mother of the poor.

With his cheerful face, he brings you the kaakeh and thanks God for every blessing without any complain. His sole wish is a new cart that helps him continue selling the best kaakeh ever.

  • Sawt Beirut International