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Governorates’ distribution and their seats in 2022 parliamentary elections

May 15, is the date of the next parliamentary elections, with expenditures that may reach about $15 million. These elections will be held on the basis of the proportional system. It was adopted for the first time in the last parliamentary elections. During which the governorates were divided into five: Bekaa – North – Mount Lebanon – Beirut – South


A tour on the districts of these governorates and their seats

Starting with the Bekaa Governorate, which was divided into three major districts with 23 seats

The first Bekaa: It contains Zahle with seven seats

The second Bekaa: It includes Rashaya and the Western Bekaa with six seats

The third district of the Bekaa Valley: It contains Baalbek-Hermel with ten seats

From the Bekaa Valley to the North Governorate, which in turn was also divided into three major electoral districts with 28 seats

The first North: It contains Akkar, and its seats are 7 .

The second north: It contains Tripoli – Minieh – Denniye, and its seats are 11

As for the third great North District: it contains Zgharta – Bcharre – Koura – Batroun with 10 seats

We continue the electoral round to Mount Lebanon, which was  divided into four major electoral districts with 35 seats.

The first district of Mount Lebanon: It includes Jbeil and Kesrouan, and its seats are 8

The second  district of Mount Lebanon and its smallest electoral district, El-Matn, with 8 seats

The third district of Mount Lebanon: and its district, Baabda, with 6 seats

The fourth largest district in Mount Lebanon: It contains Chouf and Aley, and its seats are 13

From Mount Lebanon to Beirut Governorate, which was divided into two districts and has 19 seats

Beirut First District: It includes Ashrafieh – Rmeil – Mudawwar – Saifi with 8 seats

Beirut II District: It includes Ras Beirut – Dar Al-Mraise- Mina Al-Hosn – Zkak Al-Blat – Al-Mazraa – Al-Musaytbeh – the Port – Al-Bachoura and its seats are 11

We come to the conclusion of this round, with the South Governorate divided into three major districts with 23 seats

South District One: It includes Sidon and Jezzine, and its seats are 5

The second South District: It contains Tyre – Al-Zahrani (or Sidon villages), and its seats are 7

The third South District: It includes Bint Jbeil – Nabatiyeh – Marjayoun and Hasbaya with 11 seats


It remains for each voter, before heading to the ballot box, to define precisely his choice and the fate of his country, in order to better choose the 128 new representatives.

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