| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

“Green gold” for 275,000 LBP … Green Plums or salmon? (Video)

Lebanon has been famed for its delicious and tasty seasonal fruits, especially summer fruits, but the skyrocketing inflation has changed all the equations, as the price of one kilogram of imported green plums reached 275,000 LBP, were citizens described it as “green gold”.

A citizen told “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent Ghida Jebili, “The Lebanese like to steal each other, and corruption starts from the social stratum”. She added: “Green plums are much more expensive than other fruits, and in light of this economic crisis, I do not think anyone can afford it.”

Another citizen said: “Is it salmon? And added this matter is not restricted on this type of fruit but on all other food products, as our salaries have lost its value, while prices are on the rise. “We have literally reached hell,” she said.

A citizen said, “Amid this unprecedented hike in prices, we have been deprived of all luxury products and we do not have a hopeful outlook.”

A short visit for a store of fruits and vegetables, shows the crazy hike in prices due to the financial crisis. The prices of one kilogram, of Syrian green plums is 90,000 LBP.

Lebanese stand confused in such cases, and think twice about buying green plums or no, as the prices are very high and the minimum wage do not exceed 675,000 LBP.

The Head of the Farmers Association Antoine Howayek told “Sawt Beirut International”: “Green plums production is being mostly struck by the stormy weather, and thus the yields this year are less than the previous years.”

He added that the prices that were promoted at the beginning of the season, are for imported goods. The 250,000 are currently equivalent to $20. In previous years, the price of one kilogram of green plums was at $100, which was equivalent 150,000 LBP. This means that the green plums are by far less expensive than the previous years, and the traders’ profits were higher.

Howayek added, “There is scarcity in green plum crops this year, therefore the prices will be higher, especially that this type of fruit is exported and therefore follows the global price.”

It is noteworthy that green plum are not the sole type of fruit  which witnessed a surge in prices. Almonds is also one of the very expensive fruits. Howayek added: “There is a long list of items that have been affected by the recent snowstorm, for this reason supply will surpass demand, and prices will definitely increase.

Green Plums are usually planted in Badadoun, Chouf and Akkar, and it is well-known for its delicious taste which distinguishes it from the imported crops.

  • Sawt Beirut International