| 26 May 2024, Sunday |

Gulf protests over comments made by Kordahi, Lebanon confirms its eagerness to maintain best relations with Arab countries

The comments and positions made by the Lebanese Minister of Information, George Kordahi, about Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s involvement in the Yemen war, during an interview that was recorded more than a month before he became a member of cabinet, provoked a wide wave of condemnation and solidarity with the Arab countries that have always stood by Lebanon and supported it in the dimmest conditions over the past years.

Lebanon affirmed its keenness on maintaining best relations with all the brotherly Arab countries, and this was expressed by Prime Minister Najib Mikati after his meeting with President of the Republic, Michel Aoun in Baabda: “Kordahi’s statements reflected his personal opinion and had nothing to do with government’s policy. The President and me are keen on maintaining the best relations with Arab countries.” He added, it is true that we distance ourselves from conflicts, but we do not distance ourselves from any Arab position of solidarity with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and this position is consistent, and we look forward to the best relations. “What the Minister said will not affect the general course, especially since the constants of the Lebanese position on relations with Arab countries were mentioned in the ministerial statement.”

Information Minister George Kordahi considered via Twitter, that he did not intend in any way to offend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the UAE, he reiterated in a press conference that his remarks were his personal views, made before he was appointed a minister and that he was committed to government policy. He said: “I am against Arab-Arab wars… accusing me of hostility towards Saudi Arabia is rejected.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants issued a statement confirming that Kordahi’s personal speech before his appointment as a minister does not reflect the position of the Lebanese government nor its ministerial statement that clings to brotherly ties with the Arab brothers.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry recalled in a statement that it had repeatedly condemned the terrorist attacks that targeted the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is still standing by its position in defending the security and safety of the Gulf, for whom it has respect and appreciation, and refrains from interfering in their internal and external policies.

  • Sawt Beirut International