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Haifa Wehbe stuns in El Alamein concert

Adam and Balti in the duet “Ahla Snin”

After Adam released his new song, “Ahla Snin”, in a duet with rapper Balti, he led the trend on YouTube as his song was viewed by 1.5 million viewers a week after it was released, within positive interaction from the audience.

“Ahla Snin” is written by Ahmed Madi and Balti, composed by Jad Katrib and arranged by Jimmy Haddad. The video clip was directed by Dan Haddad.

Balqees presents her first song in the Egyptian dialect, “Diplomasi”

The artist Balqees, released her first song in the Egyptian dialect, dubbed ‘Diplomasi’. The song comes within the framework of the style that Balqees follow in presenting songs in more than one Arabic dialect in the past months, such as Iraqi and Lebanese. “Diplomac” has achieved success and has exceeded 3 million views so far.

The song is written and composed by Aziz El Shafei and arranged by Jalal Hamdawi, and the video clip is directed by Ali Abu Talib.

Joseph Attieh and Egyptian-Lebanese cooperation

The artist, Joseph Attieh, released the song for the series “Ala Al-Hilweh wa Al-Murra” last night

The song is written by Danny Nehme, composed by Mahmoud Khyami, and arranged by Mahmoud El Shaeri.

The series will start showing on Sunday, August 29, at 9:00 KSA on MBC 4. It stars Nicolas Moawad, Pamela El Kik, Dana Mardini, Salma El Masry, Ahmed El Ahmed and other stars.

The work is written by Lubna Mashah, screenplay and dialogue by Mai Hayek, directed by Fikret Kadi, and it is of the romantic comedy genre.


Mohamed Ramadan on a visit to the memorial for the victims of the August 4 explosion

During his presence in Lebanon, the Egyptian star Mohamed Ramadan took advantage of his presence in Beirut, and visited Beirut Port to lay a wreath at the memorial to the victims of the Civil Defense who fell in the August 4 explosion, accompanied by his son Ali.

Ramadan also shared a video on his Instagram page to the tunes of the song “Fedai” by Abdel Halim Hafez, dressed in the Lebanese Civil Defense uniform.

This is at a time when the International Cultural Center in Lebanon retracted the honorary doctorate awarded to Ramadan, and decided to withdraw the certificate, issuing a statement of apology saying: “The Board of Directors of the German International Cultural Center apologizes to the Egyptian people, the government, and the army, for honoring Mohamed Ramadan, the singer and actor.”

The statement said that they awarded an honorary doctorate to Mohamed Ramadan for his great fame and his work, which achieved a lot of success, but they were not aware of his case with the pilot, who lost his job and died afterwards because of Ramadan. In light of this, the decision was taken to withdraw the PhD from Ramadan.

Haifa Wehbe ignites the nights of the North Coast

The star Haifa Wehbe lit the night of the North Coast with the dazzling “Al-Massa” party, which she performed in the city of El Alamein.

“I am very happy that I am with you tonight,” Haifa Wehbe welcomed the audience with this phrase. She opened the ceremony with a greeting from the heart to Lebanon, expressing her great love for her country with sincere words: “Of course, Egypt and its people are very close to my heart, but I have a great greeting to my country, Lebanon, which is in my heart. From the northern coast of El Alamein in Egypt to Beirut, I love you.”

Haifa Wehbe starred with a golden look on the stage, and her fans quickly circulated pictures of her latest appearance, commenting with phrases such as “Najmat al-Sahel” and “The Queen in a party with full attendance,” and they praised the success of the event after the great interaction between the star and the audience appeared in the videos circulated.

Haifa presented a group of her most beautiful songs on the stage, which was interspersed with fireworks to the rhythm of songs, amid the interaction of the audience, including Egyptian celebrities, including Edward, Hamo Beka, Mohamed Tharwat and Hamdi Al-Mirghani.

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