| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

Has changing governor of Banque du Liban become a defacto? And who is the alternative?

Was there a decision taken to replace the governor of the Banque du Liban, or rather, did Salameh’s supporters back down and an agreement was reached between the three presidents to oust him? Everything that has happened so far suggests that. Otherwise, the state security apparatus, which is practically affiliated with the President of the Republic, would not have dared to implement the subpoena issued by Judge Ghada Aoun, who is also close to President Aoun, after the governor failed to attend his interrogation session. What is remarkable is that the Public Prosecutor did not conclude the investigation and claimed Salama in absentia, as stipulated by law, rather, she decided to set a new session, with the insistence of hers, and of course the political team that she represents, to humiliate Salameh, and possibly arrest him.
The President’s attack on the Governor of Banque du Liban was neither surprising nor new, after the fierce battles with him against the background of the criminal scrutiny. What is new, is in the silence of the Prime Minister and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, who are accused of defending Salameh and refusing to change him. On the other hand- behind the scenes- it is said that a consensus has begun to emerge between Aoun and Mikati to change Salameh, and the search for an alternative continues. Some names have been raised, including lawyer Carlos Abu Joudeh, who is close to Mikati and Aoun. The name of Samir Assaf was also raised again, but his family and professional considerations, prevented him from accepting the mission, according to what sources revealed to SBI.
In return, sources at Baabda deny that the search for an alternative name began, but they did not deny the existence of a decision to change Salameh, revealing that there is a conviction that has become almost certain among all officials, of the need to make the change and anticipate what is to come, especially at the internal judicial level, in addition to a judicial development that Salameh’s file in Europe will witness in the next few days, after reaching the stage of investigation. Baabda sources suggest that changing Salameh has become a demand from the international community and also from the International Monetary Fund. As for the alternative, Baabda sources say, it is not a requirement to be a financial or a banker, he can also be a successful lawyer or administrator.

  • Sawt Beirut International