| 21 February 2024, Wednesday |

Has Hassan Diab managed to evade Justice?

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab has evaded justice, but the question that arises why did Diab escape justice?

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab not only leave the government, but Lebanon. As soon as he handed over his tasks to PM Najib Mikati, he carried his luggage and headed to Uncle Sam’s country.

Lead Investigative Judge Tarek Bitar summoned Diab for questioning on Monday September 20, but it is now unclear when Diab will be able to appear, especially since he would not return before 4 weeks.

Will a warrant will be issued against him from Interpol?

Judge Bitar has summoned Diab for questioning because someone called him on the eve of his visit to the port and advised him to cancel his visit because the materials are old agricultural fertilizers and there is no reason to panic, although Major Nadaff’s report confirms the danger of these materials and that it would destroy the port if it exploded.

A large number of the defendants were released after the investigation, so why are the ruling officials afraid of the investigation?

Mr. Diab remember that you are going to visit your children in America, while the families of the victims are visiting their children in the graves.

  • Sawt Beirut International