| 3 December 2022, Saturday |

Has Hezbollah suspended covering Abu Salle?

A qualitative operation carried out by the Lebanese army by land and air, during which it targeted the stronghold of drug dealer Ali Munzer Zuaiter, known as Abu Salle, in the Al-Sharawneh neighborhood in Bekaa.
Abu Salle is one of the most wanted men by the Lebanese state, and several arrest warrants have been issued against him due to his involvement in drug dealing in many Lebanese regions.
According to a statement issued by the Lebanese army, during the raid, the wanted man, along with others, opened fire at the patrol members, which led to the death of Corporal Zain al-Abidin Shamas and injuring five soldiers. Immediately, army units deployed in the area intervened and raided the homes of the shooters, arrested a number of wanted persons, and seized a quantity of military weapons and ammunition belonging to them, a quantity of drugs and a number of machines used in their manufacture.
If it can be said that the state of Hezbollah is not only fighting the state through its illegal weapons, but also through its narcotics, dealers and army killers.